Saturday, April 18, 2009


So, it's Spring time and I'm sure we are all feeling the Spring Fever!! Now if the Sun will actually stay out for more than 48 hours we will be set! If any one has had breaking news in their lives please let us know!! We'd love to keep up on everything! We now have the link to Stephanie Rolfe's blog! Now Furniss! But I'll let you guys check it out to see details! Thanks guys!


Anonymous said...

Just curious, does anyone know if we are having a class reunion?

Carmen said...

The class reunion was pretty fun

Anonymous said...

Nice to know that there even was a reunion! What happened to notifying me?!

Obviously not important enough.

Carmen said...

The people doing it was having issues tracking people down. If you where on facebook, you knew about it. I think they spaced that they could connect to people on here as well. Plus our class president is no where to be found so no one really know how to go about doing one of these things.

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