Monday, February 9, 2009

* Jessica Gallup*

My after-high-school story began…with me heading-off to Atlanta to be a nanny. I lived in Georgia for six months and then ventured back home- to good, cold Idaho! I started my college adventure at BYU-Idaho, winter semester '05. I loved every minute of college, and I will admit, it was a million-zillion times better than high school! I wrote for the University's paper a few semesters. And had the opportunity to be News Assistant Editor, one semester, and Copy Assistant Editor, the next. I did thoroughly enjoy the experience, but realized it wasn't my true passion. I was a Communication major with an emphasis in journalism, and I continued my pursuit of major, I just changed my emphasis to Public Relations and Advertising.

The fall after we graduated, I was off-track and got a full-time job at the Melaleuca Call Center, to obviously try and earn some much needed money for college. At the time, I will be honest, I was anti-man. My definition being- I was sick of all the crazy, silly college boys that I had, had no luck with and had decided for "sure" I was going to serve a mission the following year. You see, growing up, I had always wanted to serve a mission to some foreign, exotic country- the men in my life had just secured my decision in one tight knot, or so I thought. But it seems we all end up falling victim to serendipity.

I met Travis, at no other than Melaleuca, and we immediately became wonderful friends. Such good friends in fact, he eventually stopped seeing the girl he was dating… to soon become my boyfriend… than fiancĂ©….and finally, best of all, my eternal, best friend…a.k.a my husband. Don't worry, it didn't happen as fast as it seems! We were married in April 2006. We both decided to start BYU-Idaho's "Fast-Grad" program…which for those of you who don't know…means you go to school-year-round till you graduate. My second, to last semester, fall 2007, we found out we were expecting. So yes, I was able to graduate from college in April 2008, six months pregnant. And don't worry, with my gown on, you couldn't even tell! I graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Communications with emphasis in PR/Advertising, and a cluster in Psychology and Chinese. Two clusters, is like one minor…and yes, I do speak basic, Mandarin Chinese. I promise, I am not trying to brag, that's not me, I just thought I would clarify for those of you who may be wondering.

Brielle was born, July 2008, and it was certainly the hardest, but best thing I have ever done! I seriously felt like Wonder Woman! Brielle has truly made our family even more complete! She is 7 months old, and the time passes so quickly. My husband graduated this past December, and we moved to San Antonio, Texas. We really love it here, and are enjoying the warm weather. We hope and plan to stay here for awhile…

I love life, every single breath and moment. I have big dreams, which I still plan to fulfill… I hope to soon start my own, design company, example: wedding announcements, web sites, custom photos, etc. I also plan to someday write a children book series, the ideas are all ready in the making…and many more big dreams-But most importantly, I plan to live life to its fullest, and just cherish the time I have with my husband, and children and other family members. Because I finally figured out what life was all about! I really hope all is going well for everyone, and I really mean it. And I hope all of you have a wonderful day, and if you don't it's your own darn fault….yes, a high school lesson from Coach Jolley, I will always treasure! Oh, and always feel welcome to check out my blog :)


Josh and Amber said...

I had no idea about basicly all of these things! I didn't know you lived in Georgia for awhile. My husband and I went on a trip to Atlanta, GA a couple of years ago with his work. My husband also served his mission in GA. It was really fun reading and learning about all the stuff you did inbetween graduating and then having your baby. Because I've basicly scene all the stuff since you've had brielle (who is adorable) but not all that other stuff! Congrats on graduating and good luck on fulfeeling all your dreams and goals in life! You'll do great!

Brittney said...

Thanks for telling us your story! HOw much fun it is to have a brand new life in San Antonio! I didn't know that you graduated in PR! How fun is that! Brielle is the cutest thing I have ever seen too! Good job Jess! I"m sure you are a great mom!