Friday, January 9, 2009

Brittney Hughes & Kevin Jones

As you all know Kevin and I started dating in High School. We dated all throughout the senior year and then once graduation came and went, we both ended up moving to Utah. Ended up getting Married in March of 2005 and we had a baby boy who we named Cahlin in September of 2005. We lived in the Salt Lake Valley until the Spring of 2007.
Kevin was trying to get a Real Estate License of the ground and I was working at Gold's Gym in their playroom. In February of 2007 Kevin accepted at Management job for Home Security Systems. So we packed our stuff and our 18 month old and moved to Baltimore Maryland. I don't care what anyone says Maryland is horrible! It's so stinking hot ALL the time! And the people are SO mean. After 3 1/2 months we decided to extend and moved to LA!! We lived in Hollywood and we had a blast spotting expensive cars and swearing that we saw Lindsey Lohan and Orlando Bloom! :)
Then it was back to good ol' Utah for us! We spent the winter of '07 and the Spring of '08 in Salt Lake City again. It was here that we had our second little boy, Eyan! Little boys are so much fun, I never get sick of it! In April of 2008 we moved out to New York City to Manage a sells office once more... New York City is crazy. But the people there were so much nicer than Balitmore. We had fun but we definitely missed the good old west!!! I had decided that I was done with moving so much, so we quit alarms and now Kevin sells Radio ads for Z 103 and KBEAR! We are living in Pocatello and we are loving life! I stay home with our kids and I constantly have something new thrown at me! Kevin is the best dad in the world and our boys adore him. He loves his work and we can't wait to see what the future holds for us!

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Savannah said...

You didn't like Baltimore? Dan thinks we'll end up in that area soon... we can't seem to stay in one place for too long! If we head that way I'll have to get the scoop from you on everything I should be expecting.