Friday, January 9, 2009

New Blog

Here we go! I am excited to get this site up and running! I have loved getting to see what everyone has been up to since Graduation and I am sure we would all like to hear from everyone! I know everyone has been on crazy adventures and living their lives to the fullest! Even if you don't have a blog just leave us a comment or send an email and we will post about you! Also, if you would like to be an author to this blog and write whenever you want you can send me your email also and I can add you!


Josh and Amber said...

I'm so excited you started a RHS class of 2004 blog. And yes I'm way excited you added me to the list! Rigby is a much more part of me, then the school I actually graduated from. I look forward to the site! Thanks for setting it up.

Brittany R. said...

I LOVE THIS! I am excited to hear from everyone! Pretty sure I am the only single one left my cousin Brittany and I share one cause we live together in St. George...its under her name